March 11, 2015

How to Remove & Hide Subscribe to Post Link in Blogger
{Blogger Tutorial}

Today I have a tutorial for you about hiding that annoying and design ruining link (unwanted text can always ruin the feel and flow of a design!) at the bottom of your blogger page.

There are two ways to get rid of this link. An easy way and a hard way.

The hard way has you deleting code and what not - I am not the biggest fan of deleting code if you don't have to. As a beginner you might delete something you don't intend to or won't delete enough and it's always super hard to figure out what the problem is. 

The easy way is just simply adding some CSS code to hide it.

Today I am going to show you the easy way. *REMEMBER - First download and backup your current tutorial!

This is another one of those 30 second blogger updates that can dramatically improve the look of your blog - Okay maybe not dramatically but it does make the link go away.

How to Remove & Hide Subscribe to Post link: A Blogspot Tutorial

1. Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
2. A few lines down you'll find <b:skin>--</b:skin>

3. Click the arrow next to it to expand your blogs template code.
4. Add the FOLLOWING code just about the closing </b:skin> tag - make sure you place it before the entire closing tag - }]]></b:skin>.
.feed-links { display:none; }
5. Preview your template and make sure it worked.
6. Save your work.

Viola, you are now done!

Want an even easier way to add this code to your blog? Follow these SUPER easy instructions.

1. Go to Dashboard > Template > Customize.
2. Click on Advanced.
3. Scroll down to add CSS.
4. Add the ABOVE code in the box. See photo below.

5. Click Apply to Blog.

Thats it! All done!
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