January 8, 2015

January 2015
Visiting Teaching Handout

This months Visiting Teaching Message is the beginning of a new theme: The Attributes of the Savior. This months attribute is Obedient Son. You can read more about the lesson here.

The phrase that stood out most to me was that "Obedience IS the first law of Heaven."

What was your favorite part of the message?

I hope you like the design.  I tried to go with something warm and springy. I really hate winter and wish it was warming up. Spring is my favorite season. Its just perfect outside. Not to hot, not too cold all the flowers are blooming. And I'm making myself sad. I will stop now.

Some Ideas on what to do with the handout. 
  • She or you can use it as a bookmark.
  • Purchase a small photo frame - she can switch out the message each month.
  • Give her a small photo album - she can add the card to it and by the end of the year have a sweet little book full of nice uplifting messages.

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*A little note - The image is a 4x6 size card. Sorry to those of you who prefer a 5x7 size cards. If you would like a 5x7 size let me know and I'll whip one up.

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