December 3, 2014

December 2014
Visiting Teaching Message Handout

Alright, we've never done this before. Consider this the Inaugural Visiting Teaching handout printable. I'm kind of excited about this. I've been wanting to do it for YEARS now but never did. I wasn't sure if I should. I'm not the greatest at designing posters. I can whip up an invitation or a photo card so fast it will make your head spin but posters take me forever and I always feel they're never finished.

With that said...I hope you like it, download it and use it.

The quote is from Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He taught: “The ideal place for … peace is within the walls of our own homes, where we have done all we can to make the Lord Jesus Christ the centerpiece.”.

This months full visiting teaching message can be found here - The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace. Read the whole thing it's very uplifting.

Some Ideas on what to do with the handout. 
  • She or you can use it as a bookmark.
  • Purchase a small photo frame - she can switch out the message each month - totally perfect this month as a small Christmas gift. 
  • Give her a small photo album - she can add the card to it and by the end of the year have a sweet little book full of nice uplifting messages - again, totally perfect this month as a small christmas gift. 

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*A little note - The image is 4x6 size card. Sorry to those of you who prefer 5x7 size cards. If you would like a 5x7 size let me know and I'll whip one up.

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