October 8, 2014

"The Magic of Christmas" Chalkboard Christmas Card
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Yes, Yes,  Halloween is still to come, but I know it, you know it, EVERYONE knows it. It's time to start thinking about Christmas.

Today I have another Chalkboard Christmas Card for you to download. For some reason we're really on a chalkboard kick.  This card is also featured in our etsy shop if you don't want to do the editing and printing yourself.

I've done something a little different with this card than I have with other cards, in the past.  The image area is a clipping mask. What is a clipping mask? I'll let adobe explain.
"A clipping mask is a group of layers to which a mask is applied. The bottommost layer, or base layer, defines the visible boundaries of the entire group. For example, suppose you have a shape in the base layer, a photograph in the layer above it, and text in the topmost layer. If the photograph and the text appear only through the shape and outline in the base layer, they also take on the opacity of the base layer. "
Clear as mud? I thought so. You can read more about it here. Scroll down to see the tutorial on how to add an image using a clipping mask.

I used two fonts for this Christmas Card, DK Carte Blanche and DK Wayang. They both can be downloaded from DaFont.com.

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If you don't want to handle the pain of editing or printing yourself, let Loving Life Designs do it for you! You can purchase this card and many others in our new print shop.

This card requires two downloads. The front of the card, which is a PSD file, and the back of the card. For the back of the card I have two download options for you, a JPG or a PNG.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy - (: 

How to add your family image using the clipping mask to loving life designs Christmas card.
  1. In photoshop click file/open.

  2. Navigate to your family photo. 

  3. Click on it and then hit enter/return or the open button. 
  4. Drag the photo onto the christmas card. (Seriously, it's as easy as grab, drag and drop.)

  5. Move the family photo layer to just above the layer titled clipping mask shape
  6. Right click the family photo layer and select create clipping mask. 

  7. If you have it lined up correctly the happy couple with the dog should disappear and your image should only be seen in it's place. 
  8. Resize the image to your liking.

  9. Thats it! Enjoy your Christmas Card.  If you have any trouble email us at lovinglifedesigns at gmail.com
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