July 23, 2014

The New and Improved
Loving Life Designs

For the past month or so, Michelle and I have been working A LOT in order to update/relaunch Loving Life Designs. We haven't been very active on the site for over a year and we are wanting to start working again. We both thought that a redesign/relaunch of the site and brand would help our activity (at least we are hoping it helps). A fresh start is always great.

We both really enjoyed our last look and thought we hit a home run with it. It was modern and fun and eye catching. We also thought that we would like the website look. Turns out we didn't.  Because of how the site was coded we couldn't preview posts and see mistakes that would be made which meant re-writing posts and updating after they had been published. I really HATED it. I can't say the same for Michelle.

With the redesign/relaunch of the site we are going to be offering some new services. We'll still offer our free designs and printables, but we'll also be opening two new shops.  A premium design and print shop. More information to follow on those two new services. We'll keep you updated.

Lets take a tour of the new look!

First thing we did was make it a traditional blog again.

Old Look

New Look

Like I said before we felt we hit a home run with our last relaunch so most of the elements and colors will remain the same. We did redesign the header.

The sidebar is a little different too. We made a new profile image, added slide show feeds to our Instagram pages,  created links to our design pages, and created some social media icons for our new twitter, instagram and pinterest pages.

What do you think?  It's always really scary to do a redesign. We think it's clean, modern and easy to navigate. We hope everyone likes it. Hopefully this new look will bring new life to our designs and light a fire under our rear ends.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

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