July 28, 2014

Reader Request
Home Sweet Home Dominican Republic Edition

A few days after I was asked to make a Texas Home Sweet Home poster, I was asked by another reader to make a Dominican Republic poster. Just like the Texas poster, I used the countries flag as a color scheme (funny how both posters used red, white and blue.) Since I couldn't be sneaky enough to find the readers home town, since they now reside in Canada, I put a red star at the Countries Capital City, Santo Domingo.

If you want your state created, email us at lovinglifedesigns at gmail.com or leave a comment. Make sure you let us know what state you would like created and your home town, the color scheme would be nice too. Please be patient it takes me a little while to get these done.

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I created two files to download, a PDF and a JPG. Download both and see what works best for your printer.

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