July 25, 2014

Reader Request
Home Sweet Home Texas Edition

A few weeks ago I was requested, by one of Loving Life Design's readers, to design a Home Sweet Home poster in the shape of Texas. I am always happy to oblige, even though it took some time.

Because I wasn't sure what color scheme she wanted, I decided to do the Lone Star States State flag color scheme, blue, white and red. (say that three times fast!) What do you think? I think it's fun and bright. Being the sneaky person that I am, I found out she lives near the Fort Worth/ Dallas area. In the spirit of home I put a little star on the map for her. Did I get the location right?

If you want your state created, email us at lovinglifedesigns at gmail.com or leave a comment. Make sure you let us know what state you would like created and your home town, the color scheme would be nice too. Please be patient it takes me a little while to get these done. 

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I created two files to download. A PDF and a JPG download both and see what works best for your printer.

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  1. I love this!! And I also live near Fort Worth so it's perfect :)