April 17, 2013

Revision Fitness Blog Redesign

After I finished Lindsey's blog a few weeks ago, Mindy, one of Lindsey's beachbody friends asked about a design for her site Revision Fitness. I was happy to design one for her.

Mindy wanted something similar to Vegas Fitness, Nutrition and Fashion - "Simple and to the point!" 

Mindy already had a header created all I needed to do was create the sites design and some blogger elements.

This was the final design we came up with.

I created several elements for her: 
  • A Meet Revision Fitness banner 
  • Stylized about me photos
  • Social Media Banners
  • A Join my Team beachbody image
  • CSS Stylizing of the search and submit buttons for the search and follow by email widgets.

Using my handy dandy HTML and CSS skills I also created a center aligned navigation bar. With a border on top and bottom to distinguish it from the rest of the page. 

And last but not least using the magic of Snap Widget I made two Instagram widgets. A gallery style banner at the top of the post section and a slideshow in the sidebar. 

Go and take a look. Mindy and Chris have an amazing story and are awesome at motivating their readers and were amazing clients to work with. Thank you Mindy and Chris.  

If you would like a blog design email me at lovinglifedesigns@gmail.com.

Creative Commons License

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