February 15, 2013

Free Font Fridays - {Celtic Garamond}

Today is the third installment of our Free Font Fridays. Today, I present to you the font that I used in my Disney Pixar Brave valentines and my daughters sixth birthday party invitation.

I chose this font for both the invitation and the valentine because it feels very celtic and it's super easy to read. I had found some other fonts that were a little more stylized but were not as easy to read. After all my target audience is 5 and 6 year olds. Plus, you can't go wrong with anything in the Garamond family.

You can download Celtic Garamond from dafont, fontzone, fontspace, or fonts4free. If there is a site you prefer to use over another than download it from there, otherwise here is a link to download it from dafont. *This is free for personal use only. If you plan to sell something using this font you'll have to pay. 

Here is a reminder of one of the cute valentine cards I used it in.

and here is the invitation I made using the font.

What do you think?

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  1. Wow! It is very stylish Celtic font! I haven't heard of such Garamond typeface earlier! Thanks for sharing!