February 20, 2013

Custom Design - {Baby Shower Invitation}

One of my office co-workers is having a sweet baby boy at the end of this month and I was asked by the person hosting the shower to create an invitation for her. I was excited cause it meant I had some pretty free rein over what the invitation would ultimately look like.

You like? I love!

They don't even know that I have this side hobby of mine. When they hired me they noticed that I had a degree in art. After I was hired they asked me to update a flyer for an event that they were hosting. It was pretty awful and I asked them if I could make a few tweaks to it. I didn't even have my Illustrator or Photoshop on the computer yet, cause they didn't know my background and after I made the few tweaks/ totally revamped it, with publisher! (Publisher can do lots, but not what I want and needed it to do. Super great for someone who does not have a art background) Now, I've been asked to do several different things for our office and other publicity events. It's been fun to use my abilities in a setting that I most likely would not have. So note to everyone, let people know what you can do. It will open up many doors for many opportunities.

Sorry for my soapbox. Now, if you ever would like a custom design by us, please feel free to shoot us an email at lovinglifedesigns@gmail.com to get some more information.


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