January 16, 2013

Loving Life Designs is All New

Notice anything different? Of course you do this blog has done more than just a 180 turn. It's insane how different this thing is. It took us about 6 weeks to really figure out what we wanted the blog to look like, to code it and then to perfect it. We're still not 100% complete with the look, there might be a few more changes but nothing TOOO dramatic.

It's a far cry from what the blog originally looked like - and this version below is like update #6. I don't think we have a screen shot of what the blog originally looked like.

We've gone through a lot of changes here at loving life. Our logo has had a few major updates.

Original Logo/header - which had like 3 updates.

Current/recently retired Logo/header - which we made 2-3 updates to.

I really enjoyed this header. I think my favorite part was the yellow flower. Michelle did a grand job on that design.

Do you see a trend? Thats a lot of change for a blog that is just two years old.

Here are some things that we're hoping to accomplish with this update.
  • Update/modernize the look and feel of the blog - our goal was to make it feel more like a website than an actual blog. 
  • Update the color scheme - make it feel more open and welcoming, not so dark with all the greys and blues. 
  • Create a new logo to match the new color scheme and overall new ambiance of the blog. 
  • Make it easier for new potential followers to locate our different designs. 
  • And FINALLY be settled on a look for the blog - NO MORE UPDATES!
So lets introduce you to the blog.

1. First thing you'll notice that we changed the logo/header.

I'll let michelle explain her new design and why she went with this look.

When designing the logo header I wanted to encompassed our motto "Creating Fresh Modern Designs" It's fresh, chic and invites viewers to explore our blog further then the first few posts.

2. Next is the layout. Like I mentioned earlier we wanted something that felt more like a website and not a blog. First thing you'll notice is a welcome post. It's for new visitors to the site, it's meant to introduce them to who we are and also give them an easy search function. Take a look at our Custom Search Tutorial for more information about that. (And yes, that is a picture of the two of us as kids...we were pretty stylish)

3. Next we have a wonderful jQuery slideshow. It's pretty great. In fact I absolutely love it. It scrolls through five images and introduces you to our services and available downloads here at Loving Life Designs.

4. Below that we have a "Whats new from Loving Life Designs" widget.

It updates automatically as we post more tutorials and downloads to the blog. The three most recent blog posts will always be there.

5. So where is the blog? What happened to the ability to scroll through all our posts? Oh! There it is!

That's it for the tour. Go ahead, take your time and discover the new site. If there is something that is not working for you let us know so we can fix it.

Thanks for reading - Let us know what you think of the design. 


  1. This looks super great!!! Well done guys!

  2. Hello! Love this design! Can you help me and tell where can i find this latest post widget. I try a lot but no one is horizontal like yours, I really like to add this widget in my blog too. Can you help with this or explain what css code i have to add? Thank i will be wating for any tips