January 25, 2013

Lobster Two - {Free Font Friday}

Loving Life Designs is getting a Ginormous overhaul. Not only are we changing the look of the blog. But we are also overhauling the posts. The one major thing that was lacking in 2012 was regular posts. The two of us have made a resolution to post more and we think that if we have themes to post about we'll post more often.

Starting with.....
The plan is that on Friday, Michelle and I will present to you a new free font that we just can't get enough of.

Today's font is that font that you see every where. AND I mean everywhere. I've seen it on TV, in magazines, on billboards. You name it I've seen it there. I've never known a font to blow up in popularity like this one has. That's right you, guessed it, Lobster Two.

Free Font Friday Lobster Two

Isn't it a beauty? We just love using it in our own designs.  Here are a few of our designs where we use lobster two.

Here is a funny article that goes into detail about the misuse/overuse of this font. http://www.mishes.com/articles/lobster-font-abuse

I love the collage of images with all the sites, articles, magazines that have used the font. 

{images via http://www.mishes.com}

To download the font click here.

To check out other fonts from this designer, check out their website here.

 Enjoy the font, try not to go over board, like us and the rest of the designing world. :)

UPDATE - Jan 31, 2013
 I was watching HGTV last night and during one of their commercials I noticed Lobster Two font being use. See, it's every where!

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