January 4, 2012

A New Year comes with New Resolutions and a Free Poster


It seems to me, almost everyone tries to ring in the New Year with a resolution. I fall victim to one every year and seem to fail at it by the beginning of February or worse.. the middle of January! YICKS, right? They are hard! So instead of making an attempt at a resolution I know I am eventually going to fail at, I have decided to have a mantra for the year, and seeing as Pinterest is an awesome place to find such a thing, I went looking for one and found it.  

It's a quote by Oscar Wilde and I decided to make it in to a poster for myself and wanted to share it with all of you so that you may also use it this year. 

free poster print be yourself oscar wilde

Here is where I got my inspiration from, I do not do this.. copy almost exactly what someone else has done.... Really, it's not cool. An Artist took a long time and thought to create it. But this, this was so beautiful that I wanted to mimic it but with fonts, do my spin on it and share it with all of you. Really I love it that much, i had to. Slap me on the wrist, "shame shame" me while shaking your head, do what you must, but I love the poster I came up with almost more then the hand drawn one below.... seriously I need to also maybe make a serious commitment to drawing again. I used to be amazing... sigh! 

It is spectacular, is it not?

Again Happy New Year and may it be AMAZING for you!!

Enjoy!! As always it's FREE!

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