October 17, 2011

Taking Orders - Free Christmas Card Designs

I just want to announce, to those that are interested, that if you would like a custom Christmas card design we are happy to oblige. 

Here is one that I made a few years ago. I made it but never sent it out. I tend to do thinks like that all the time. I think it was because I was planning on doing family pictures and replacing the picture of my daughter with a picture of the family but never got around to making an appointment for that. Another thing that I plan to do but tend to not follow through. (my husband and I photograph horribly)

Email us with the dimensions, a picture that you would like to use, and all additional information that you would like to include in the design and we will attempt to make two separate designs. One created by Michelle and one created by Elizabeth.

Then your task is simple. Pick one to send out or don't. Just let us know with plenty of time so that we can create it for you.

our email is lovinglifedesigns at gmail dot com

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