October 17, 2011

Save the Date - Baby Style {Free Printable Card}

I am sorry that we've been gone the past little while. I have a pretty decent excuse that I'll be sharing with you today.

I am 16 weeks pregnant. You would think that by now my morning sickness would have disappeared, but, alas, it has not. I spend most of my time at work actually working and normally during my limited free time, (bad worker, I know) I work on Loving Life ideas, but because of the 24 hour morning sickness I tend to sit and stare at my computer screen, during my free time, hoping the feelings will subside. It never does. Now you know why I have not worked on any projects for a while.

Today I wanted to present to you the baby announcement I made for my family, announcing the arrival of our precious little monster. I thought it was a creative way to announce a pregnancy.

I present to you my feeble attempt at being cute and what not.

I printed it and put it in a frame (intending to replace the save the date card with an actual baby photo) and presented it to my mom...thats how I wanted it to happen but it didn't quite go like that. You can read more about what happened here at my personal blog.

Today I have for you a photoshop file for you to download and adjust as needed. You might have to do some kerning to get the date to be inline with the save the date. You'll figure it out.

The file is intended for a standard 4x6 picture frame.

Enjoy and as always it's free.

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