October 31, 2011

Photo Holiday Christmas Card - Peace on Earth {Free Christmas Card}

I know Halloween isn't over yet, but I'm just getting more and more excited for the Holiday Season.

Today I wanted to share with you a Christmas card that I created for you to download for free. I borrowed the picture from Michelle's Photography work. It's a picture of her and her family that she did. Pretty talented huh?

It's pretty simple but I really like how the Peace on Earth turned out.

You have four colors to choose from red, blue, dark green, and light green. Plus two sizes to pick a 4x6 or a 5x7.

The file is in a Photoshop format since you need to be able to change the family names and the picture. You just need to download one file and it will contain all the different elements you need to finish your Christmas card.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment with your name and email and I will be happy to answer it.

One more thing....You will need to download and install the font Halo Handletter from DaFont.com (pictured below) in order to change the wording of the font.  Otherwise Photoshop will try to find you a replacement font and it never does a great job at finding a new one.

Enjoy and as always, it's free.

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4x6 download

5x7 download

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