September 28, 2011

Reader Request - Home Sweet Home Utah Edition

This is an inaugural post. It's our first READER REQUEST.

Stacey requested that we create for her a Home Sweet Home Utah Edition in Blue.

Stacey we are happy to oblige. I do apologize about the delay I couldn't find the file on my computer and had to re-create the file. This is an important lesson in backing up your files and not leaving an unsaved file open on the family computer. I think my wonderful husband closed out the program and didn't save the file. Oh well lesson learned.

I hope you enjoy.

If anyone has another request please feel free to ask.


  1. Could you do one with Texas? And maybe offer a background without stripes? Love this idea!

    1. oh my goodness! I just noticed this. Give me a few days and I'll get a texas one up. Any particular color?