July 15, 2011

Delete "Showing Posts with label..." message in Blogger Tutorial

Today's blogger tutorial is on how to get rid of the "Showing posts with label..." message that appears at the top of your blogger blog when someone is looking at your labels. (pictured below)

I don't know if it is something that bothers other people but it's something that I have never liked. I really can't quite put my finger on the reason.

It is a really simple HTML fix that should only take about 2 minutes to do.

• First, you're going to want to log into your dashboard, click on the design tab and then Edit HTML.

    *NOTE: Before you do any thing that is going to mess with your template - Download and Save your template....you don't want to ruin your blog if you make a mistake. I can not stress that information enough.

    • Next, you will check the box that says Expand Widget Template.

      • Hit ctrl F for the find function and you're going to want to find the following line of code.

      div class='status-msg-wrap'

      • Then delete the following 10 lines of HTML code. Make sure you get the 3 </div> lines at the end of the code otherwise your template editor with give you an error message.

      • Now save your template and then go test your labels.  

      It worked for Loving Life Designs Blog, SEE, it should work for yours.

      Happy Coding.


      1. THANK YOU! It always bugged me too. Thanks for the very fool-proof instructions, also.

      2. Thank you, you're a star! I've tried to do this with guidence from other blogs but it didn't work...this did!!!!