March 3, 2011

Why Thank You

Everyone needs a Thank You card on the quick. Seriously, getting to the card store is a struggle, at least for me. Most of the time I just design something and print it out instead of going to the card store. It's tons easier for me being a new mom and such. So for today's download we have for you two different Thank You card designs.

Now I have two different download types.

Numero Uno is a simple 8.5 x 11 with the design in the middle. No need to worry, crop marks are provided. Once you print and crop just fold down the middle. You can easily just grab some card stock and throw it into your printer and you are good to go. Now this is for those wonderful mom's who have no time to swing by a paper goods/craft store to pick up some paper. You can easily just pick up a ream of card stock paper at your local grocery store and you are good to go. Easy breezy.

Numero Dos: the cards are 3.5 x 4.75 size when folded. The whole thing is 4.75 x 7. Paper good stores and or craft stores, like Hobby Lobby or Micheal's, usually have blank cards in a plethora of sizes for you to do what you please with. With these downloads just open up the card so it is laying flat, print and you are done. No need to crop. :) The bonus with those card is you get envelops.

I hope they come in good use for you. We will design other Thank you cards in the future.

Enjoy. :)

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