March 7, 2011

Families are Forever Poster

I have been working on this poster for a while. I've been thinking about it long and hard. They it hit me/saw some inspiration and I designed it. I usually don't play with fonts but this one I did. I couldn't find the exact font that I wanted, so I got one that was close and then manipulated it. It's a simple 8x10 with a beautiful message.

I think that it's super cute and I believe that it would be fantastic in a babies/child's room or in a family portrait cluster. I've already printed it and put it up in my little girl's room.

We have tons of colors for you to choose from. If you feel you want a certain color and it's not available, please by all means leave a comment with your email and tell us the exact color. You can go here to colorlovers and pick the exact color that you want hanging on your wall and I will do it for you. Please be patient. I will get it to you as soon as possible. Hopefully you already LOVE one of the many colors we have for you. I decided to do colors that seems to be in the most style right now. HGTV is my fav and went there to get some color ideas :)

Hopefully more colors will be added to the post. Check back often.


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